The Enhancement of Integrated Services and Waste Recycling Company (ERTEKAA)

ERTEKAA was established in January 2008 as an Egyptian joint stock company. The company was founded as a collaboration of leading professionals in solid waste management in Egypt who each brought more than 30 years of experience in this field.

Who We Are

ERTEKAA's vision is to improve the implementation of integrated solid waste management (SWM) all over Egypt, in order to reduce the quality of hazardous solid waste disposed to the maximum feasible extent and achieve the goal of a Zero Waste society. … [Read More]


Design and implementation of a practical environmental integrates the SWM system to fit Egyptian conditions, build the capacities of, and provide training and development opportunities to unqualified workers. … [Read More]



No More Landfill with Zero Waste: 22 kilometers north of Hurgada on the Red Sea, The Tourist Resort of El Gouna has recycled all garbage with no landfill and zero waste since 1991. Here, the experience and machines… [Read More]